Our Cyprus Law Firm provides professional legal advice, while assisting businesses which operate both in Cyprus and internationally, in complying with statutory, regulatory and other Cyprus legal aspects. We assist in the formation of Cyprus companies and for Cyprus companies to maintain the highest operating standards in order to protect their integrity. Our Cyprus Law Firm offers the advantage through critical evaluation and professional advice to help you achieve your business goals through strategic plan. We have the expertise and experience in drafting and reviewing agreements of all types, including licensing, employment, distribution, manufacturing and a wide range of other agreements. We have an extensive history of guiding clients through the often complex and confusing process of corporate transactions. Our Cyprus Lawyers provides advice in a full spectrum of corporate transactional and other matters for Cyprus companies, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance, restructurings and private equity investments. We also counsel clients regarding a variety of other matters such as securities law compliance, directorial duties and tax-favoured investments. At Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firm, our experienced Corporate and Commercial lawyers can help you manage your business affairs in an appropriate and cost effective manner.

Historically, because companies are artificial persons created by operation of law, the law prescribed what the company could and could not do. Our Cyprus Law Firm has the ability to advise you on how a Cyprus companyís efficiency can be protected and maintained by a system of both internal and external regulations. We are capable to deal with a variety of complex legal situations, and advise you on how your owed duties should be fulfilled or how you are able to commence legal proceedings against the directors, shareholders or stakeholders for breaches or other related issues.


Our Cyprus Tax Lawyers in Makis Anastasiou & Co have a deep knowledge in tax legislation and practice which ensures ability to successfully support our clients’ business needs. We provide general Cyprus Tax advice to a number of clients in relation to the Cyprus tax implications during transactions and other issues and advise them on the resolution of Cyprus tax disputes. For tax-related issues we work closely with our associates in other specialised disciplines in order to be in position to deliver to our clients speedy, accurate and high quality advice. Our firmís Cyprus and International Tax expertise lies in a broad spectrum from the Value Added Tax advice to Mergers and Acquisitions, capital markets and commercial international transactions taxation.


Makis Anastasiou & Co provides its clients with advice over a full range of investment products and services and renders services whenever individuals or firms buy and hold shares on a stock market in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains, as the value of the stock rises or where individuals or firms acquire equity (ownership) participation in a private (unlisted) Cyprus Company or a startup Cyprus company.


Our lawyers are well grounded in all aspects of Cyprus Securitiesí Law and the procedure regarding the formation and creation of Cyprus public companies. They may assist you with the explanation of the relevant EU Regulations in depth and how they apply in the Republic of Cyprus.


In Makis Anastasiou & Co we can understand the trend of Cyprus companies to partner with other businesses in order to build their strength and maximize their prospects of success within this accelerated global competition. Our experienced lawyers can guide clients in planning, negotiating and implementing these joint ventures, and may advise them on various other related issues such Cyprus tax structuring, Cyprus financing, management controls, Cyprus intellectual property ownership and licensing, profit distribution and dispute resolution.


Industrial and service corporations, as well as financial and governmental entities, and high-technology Cyprus companies rely on Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firmís legal advice to compete most effectively in a global business environment. Our Cyprus Lawyers offer legal advice on merger and acquisition matters and seek Cialis to ensure that you understand and be benefited by the legal complexities of the transaction process.


Here in Makis Anastasiou & Co Liquidation we do not underestimate the fact that liquidation has become a sophisticated tool of commercial strategising and restructuring. Our Cyprus law firm assists clients by providing support for all aspects of restructuring and insolvency-related proceedings including receivership and liquidations, rights of secured and unsecured creditors and schemes of arrangement. In particular Makis Anastasiou & Co has one of the most experienced corporate insolvency teams in Cyprus which is able to advice on any liquidation-related issue.