Since its founding over 40 years ago, Makis Anastasiou & Co has had a strong commitment to public service. A commitment to public service is an obligation of every member in the Firm. We recognize, encourage and support our people in their efforts to contribute to the community in which they live and work and to devote significant resources to finding pro bono projects that reflect the diverse interests of its attorneys, associates and employees. Much of Makis Anastasiou & Co’s pro bono work reflects the firm’s commitment to providing legal services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families in our surrounding communities.

Our pro bono program encompasses a wide range of areas, including freedom of expression and religion; civil rights and civil liberties; family law; education; landlord/tenant; employment; criminal and court-appointed cases; police misconduct; environmental law; fairness in government procurements and grants; intellectual property; and non profit incorporation and tax.

Charis Anastasiou | Managing Partner 
LLB (Hons.) – University of Bristol
Barrister-at-Law of Inner Temple
ADRg Accredited Mediator
Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
Cyprus Advocate