Our Cyprus Litigators at Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firm have the capability of handling all types of litigation in all courts, including the Supreme Court of Cyprus, as well as in an array of areas. While Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firm offers the services of experienced litigators, at the same time our litigators will always explore opportunities for clients to achieve their desired results by using litigation avoidance strategies in order to settle disputes. It is appreciated by our Law Firm that the most efficient and economical method of resolving a dispute will not always require resort to the judicial system. Our Cyprus Lawyers are highly qualified and also experienced in alternatives to traditional litigation such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation. We strongly believe that an out-of-court settlement could provide to the parties a win-win situation and we always pursue a realistic result as cost-effectively as possible by using our technical expertise and practical, commercial outlook. Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firm has also a wide experience in handling criminal law issues, such as white collar crime, road traffic offences, fraud, business crime, money laundering issues, as well as any other matter which constitutes under the Cyprus Law a criminal offence. Our Cyprus Lawyers by putting their extensive experience into practice they ensure achievement of the best possible outcome for the client. Our Cyprus Law Firm’s litigation practice covers the following areas:

Commercial and Corporate Litigation – Restraining Injunctive Relief/ Freezing Orders/ Mareva Injunctions – Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments as well as Arbitration Awards – Shareholders’ Dispute – Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation – Banking Litigation – Personal Injuries Litigation – Road Traffic Accidents Litigation – Insurance Claims and Disputes – Criminal Litigation – Debt Recovery – Claims based on Negligence including Medical Negligence and other Civil Wrongs such as Misrepresentation, Libel, Defamation, Passing off, Nuisance, Trespass etc. – Claims based on Breach of Contract – Claims based on Fraud and Deceit – Claims based on Banking Law – Intellectual Law Disputes (Trade Mark and Patent Litigation) – Family Law Litigation – Rent Control Law Litigation – Landlord and Tenant Disputes – Employers’ and Occupiers’ liability – Employment/Labour Law Litigation – Trust Law Litigation – Consumer Litigation – Property and Inheritance Disputes – Real Estate Litigation – Constitutional and Administrative Litigation including Judicial Reviews