Makis Anastasiou & Co Law Firm provides professional services in the field of Cyprus Shipping and Cyprus Admiralty. We can represent ship-owners / charterers / port operators and freight forwarders and can provide Cyprus legal advice to seamen who work on ships / offshore oil rigs and other sea-going vessels. We have the ability to advise our clients on matters ranging from cargo claims to marine casualties and from admiralty processes to insurance law. Our services include advice and representation in situations such as:

  • Arrest of Ships and Releases from Arrest / Bunker Disputes / Cargo Claims
  • Liens / Towage / Salvage and Pilotage
  • Collision / Fire / Grounding / General Average and Salvage / Marine Safety and Pollution
  • Freight / Hire / Liens / Demurrage and Other Sums due under Charterparties and Bills of Lading
  • Withdrawals / Cancellations and Wrongful Terminations
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Sale Agreements
  • Agency / Freight Forwarding Matters / Trade Finance / Documentary credits / Inspection
  • Freezing Injunctions / Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitration Awards / Ports / Harbors and Related Services
  • Drafting of Contracts and Other Documentation
  • Port regulations / Purchase of vessels/ Taxation / Flagging / Ship Finance
  • Yacht and Ship Registration at the Registry in Cyprus
  • Various claims such as Mortgage Claims / Claims by masters / Claims for wages / Claims for damages / Claims for supplies / Claims for repairing / Claim for possession and ownership / Claim for salvage / Claim for towage / Contract Claims / Commodity disputes / Charter agreements disputes / Marine insurance disputes / Maritime litigation Ownership disputes